Coffee Tin

Creating a vintage themed coffee ad, or rather: Returning "Mr. Coffee Tin" to his own time period on a low budget and tight schedule.

Creative direction / Photography / Post-production: Lars Brandt Stisen
Studio: MADDOCMAN Berlin

Vintage coffee tin from early 1960's Denmark

The protagonist: A vintage coffee tin from the early 1960's Denmark.
Quest: Returning "Mr. Coffee Tin" to his own time period.

Coffee tin with slogan printed on the slip-on cover

On the slip-on cover: "the best name in coffee" reads the printed slogan in Danish.

Project sketch outlining the desired concept for the coffee ad

Sketch outlining the concept for the ad:

As in many vintage ads for consumables the product packaging rather than its content has a central spot, naturally because you want people to recognize the packaging on the shelves at the grocery store etc. Today you typically create a story around the product and promote the brand instead.

Vintage gold rimmed coffee cups and saucer from the 60's Berlin Germany

Let's have an appropriate cup of coffee before departure... Mmmmm!

Making the product ready for the shoot

Taking anti-reflective measures is crucial for a successful journey through time.

The studio lighting setup for the vintage themed product ad made in Berlin Germany

Initializing time machine...

Product image retouching in the studio in Berlin Germany

Working in a state of flux while moving backwards through time...

Retouching vintage gold rimmed china porcelain cup and saucer for 60s themed coffee magazine ad

Minor course-adjustments will ensure a safe arrival...

Creating hand crafted shiny brass lettering by tracing the coffee slogan and working in Photoshop for a 3D effect

Arriving in style with shiny hand crafted brass lettering!

The final vintage 50s-60s themed coffee magazine and poster ad by Lars Brandt Stisen, studio MADDOCMAN Berlin Germany

And finally Mr. Coffee Tin arrives... Welcome back!

Vintage themed coffee poster by Lars Brandt Stisen Berlin